10 Best Locs Hairstyle Ideas — How to Style Your Locs

To achieve the updo (seen on Chloe,) begin by placing whatever jewelry or cuffs you want onto your locs. Leave some out for later use. Bring all your hair to the center of your head and hold it in place with a ponytail holder. From there, bring the ponytail forward, as if folding it in half on the top of your base. This will create a semi bun or crescent shape if you secure your locs with a ponytail holder or string. Once your bun is in place, some hair will remain in the bun structure, while the ends of your locs will fall forward toward your face. Begin opening up the bun from the middle and loosen some of your locs by pulling upward, but not out of the bun. Once your bun is spread for fullness, reposition your loc ends as desired and place any remaining jewelry strategically to add the finishing touches.

“The down ‘do (on Halle) is meant to play off the beauty of your face,” Swain states. “Choose your good side and get ready for your close-up!” Start by picking the side you want the swoop on, and which side you want to hang. Halle’s look has a pretty well centered part, but you can choose which placement is your favorite. Bring your locs swooping over the hairline and place them behind your ear. Secure with hairpins. For an incognito look, use pins that match your hair color. If you’re feeling fancy, use metallic or embellished pins for an extra pop. Allow the other side to hang. Add a little shine spray, and you’re done!

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